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The Truth to Auto Body Repair Photo Estimates Pros and Cons

Most auto body shops offer an app or a website a portal to upload photos for estimates right from the accident’s scene. In some cases, you’re able to drive away if your car is in condition to be driven and not towed. There are pros and cons to photo estimates and why you should “yes” take your own photos and let the police document the report, but it’s also smart to also allow an auto body shop estimator to look at the damage as well…why not it’s free! Don’t depend solely on photo uploads to drive your repair quote. Here’s why.

The pro to image uploads for estimates is a convenient feature for drivers in an accident, but there are many reasons why it might not be the best idea. It’ll get the process started however, bypassing a mechanic’s physical inspection of a vehicle following an accident can be a risky and costly decision. Also, driving from the scene of an accident. There may be hidden damages that your phone won’t capture and once that insurance claim is pushed through and those damages are found later, you may be paying for it outside the insurance claim and paying out of pocket.

Most insurance providers will ask you to get a complete and accurate estimate from the body shop before any claim will even be considered. Some but not all. This is an initiative you should take regardless. Why? Because photo estimates result in an accurate amount being paid out by the insurance company. But more often, one will find examples of underpaid auto body insurance claims because of the photo estimate system. Not only is this idea frustrating, but in some cases, it can be outright dangerous. Be sure to collaborate with your insurance claims provider about your policy to see what’s the best route to take and what is covered.

Damage to a vehicle from an accident can be much worse than it looks. The only way to make sure your car is safe to drive after an accident is to take it to a trusted auto body shop in person and allow a certified technician and estimator to assess the damages. In many cases what might look like a minor dents and damage to the naked eye could be major damage underneath and could cause another accident. Skipping taking your car in for an estimate puts you and everyone else in your car at risk.

Save yourself the headache and cover all your bases. Find a trusted local auto body shop that will help you with a free repair estimate and help you along with the insurance claims assistance so that you are clear of any additional costs out of pocket. Plus no one wants to have to go through the process of having the car taken back to the shop and going through the process all over again. While taking photos and uploading them do add to the security of your claim, not getting an estimate from a certified auto body technician will not give you a true and accurate damage assessment.  Save all your paperwork, photos, and estimates in case something comes up later. The more documentation the better off you are.

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