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Winter wear and tear on your car. What should you do?

It’s that time where weather plummets to the single digits. Your car will barely start and things take a while to heat up. Whether your car is in a garage (not heated) or exposed to the elements your car is affected by the harsh weather and you need to be sure to frequently check it for any issues overall. If you have a heated garage…you should be in good shape. This goes for EV and gas-powered vehicles. Diesel powered vehicles is a no brainer with the gas containing the oil mixed. If you own one you should already be aware of the effects of cold weather and what to do.

Cold Air- Deflated Tires

When air in your tires gets colder, it contracts and has less pressure. Tires correspondingly become underinflated. Check tire pressure once a week and most smart cars will tell you when your tires are low. If your tread is low it may be a good idea to look into a new set. Deflated tires can be seen as giving better traction but vehicle manufacturers do not recommend going below the pressure recommended.

EV Cars in the Winter

Low temperatures slow the battery chemistry. This results in less energy for acceleration. It takes more energy to keep the battery at a good operating temperature, and a little more energy to keep you warm inside the cabin. This results in less efficient performance. Be aware that you may have less energy than you think in the Winter months.

Winter Oil Check – Is it too Thick?

Oil simply thickens in the winter and your car struggles to move it through the system usually around 20 degrees. Low-viscosity oil (synthetic oil) is recommended in the Winter. Read your owner’s manual, as the manufacturer may specify an oil weight for cold-weather operation. Warm your car before driving it so the oil has time to heat up and have better circulation.

Car Batteries in the Winter

Batteries are notorious for dying in the Winter. Be sure to have it checked out by your local Mechanics shop. Replace batteries that are over 3 years old. Check for corrosion and carry jumper cables or a jump start battery for back up. For those in super cold climates look into a battery warmer.

Ice in the Fuel Lines

You are pretty safe here unless you are in seriously in an area that has is 100 below zero degrees in temps. However, if you have moisture in your lines or any water content inside the fuel tank, that water can freeze and clog fuel pickup. Keep your tank no lower than ½ full at all times in the cold climates.

Frozen LCD Screens

The cold can affect liquid crystal display (LCD) screens in the Winter and they can become dim or lethargic. Similar to the engine’s oil and the battery’s electrolyte, molecules in liquid crystals slow down when the temperatures drop. Waiting for the car to warm up is the best option to eliminate this issue.

Antifreeze Doesn’t Always Work 100%

This won’t work well if your cars water to antifreeze ratio is not the same. It’s a good practice to have engine coolant that is made for colder climates. Check your coolents freeze point at your local mechanics shop and be sure that your antifreeze/water mix is accurate for Winter months. You can do it yourself as well with a refractometer. The norm is your car’s coolant should be flushed and refilled at least every two years. Ask your mechanic what’s best for your vehicle.

Check the Little but Important Things

Check for cracked belts, seatbelts, etc to be sure that Winter does not get the best of them. I you see any small spider like cracks then it’s recommended to change any of these belts so they don’t get too brittle in the Winter and break.

Winter Windshields

Be sure to check your defrost is functioning. You won’t be going anywhere if it isn’t. Winter months are hard on all parts of your car so make sure all defrosting and general heating functions in your vehicle are in working order. Without it your windshield may fog up even if your windshield was ok when you started your drive.

Do you need answers to your cars winter wear and tear? Call your local auto body shop to see if they can help you get your car maintenance during those harsh winter months.

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