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Hikes with kids

Best St. Louis Hikes to do With Kids

Thinking of taking your kids on a hike nearby? It’s great exercise, it lets you connect with nature and each other, and best of all, it’s free. Put away the phones and head out to the trail! Below are some places to visit in St. Louis.

Rockwoods Reservation, Rock Quarry Trail
Rockwoods Reservation is part of a cluster of parks along Interstate 44 that’s an easy drive from just about anywhere in the metro area. There are hikes for all levels, and this one stands out because it provides a mild challenge while being gentle enough for little legs. The bulk of the 2-mile loop goes through a lovely forest, and toward the end, there is a ‘cave’ that is a remnant of a mining operation and makes for fun exploring.

Tanglevine Trail, Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center
Hit one of the area’s three short, easy trails. Families with strollers and young children can start with the accessible Tanglevine Trail. It’s a third of a mile around and provides opportunities to see native plants and maybe a few furry creatures. Expand your hiking distance with the Broken Ridge Trail and the Hickory Ridge Trail.

West Tyson County Park, Eureka
This park can get crowded on nice weekends. It’s worth a trip for the rugged and woodsy paths, and the views during the winter. It has several trails of various lengths and difficulties; my favorite is Flint Quarry Trail. It’s just under 3 miles long, with lots of up and down and some rocky sections, but it goes through some beautiful forests and valleys.

Salt Lick Point Land & Water Reserve
It has a variety of trails, so you can make an easy ramble out of it or hike up the steep hillside to the vista over the Mississippi River. The area is on top of old mining operations, and you can see evidence of it in intriguing cuts out of the cliff and boulders that have fallen near the trail as a result.

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