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December Events

Art Hill, Forest Park, St. Louis

Art Hill in Forest Park is a must-do and a legend in St. Louis, with photos as early as the 1904 World’s Fair depicting sledders descending the hill.

With every snowfall, snow enthusiasts come toting their sled of choice: the typical sleds and snowboards, of course, but also trash can lids, cardboard boxes, and pretty much whatever works can be found. Be prepared for a crowd, with mostly kids during the day and more adults at night.

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Trout Fishing at the State Parks

Trout fishing at Bennett Spring State Park, Maramec Spring Park, Montauk State Park, or Roaring River State Park is a must if you love fishing. With fewer crowds, cooler temperatures, and better chances of catching fish, these parks are quite special in the winter.

They are all located in deep wooded Ozark valleys; springs pump out millions of gallons of cold, clear water; and the streams they create are regularly stocked by the Missouri Department of Conservation.

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Hidden Valley, Wildwood

You don’t have to drive to Colorado to enjoy snow sports, as Hidden Valley in Wildwood is just down the road.  Open December through mid-March, Hidden Valley offers skiing, snowboarding, and tubing, and a variety of trails ranging from beginner to advanced.

For expert skiers and boarders, they offer The Outlaw and Badlands. Lessons, season passes, and group rates are also available. Weather conditions affect Hidden Valley’s season, but generally, they are open for around 70 days each year. In addition to a cafeteria, bar, and retail shop, it also has first aid, a ski school, and offers special night skiing.

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Eagle Days, Various Locations

Did you know Missouri has the second-largest number of wintering eagles in the lower 48 states? A big part of the Missouri winter are the “Eagle days” held in multiple locations.

In the winter, Missouri’s resident eagle population is joined by migrating birds from the north. New numbers of eagles in the area during this time can reach as many as 2,500 birds!  So you’ll have the opportunity to more easily spot America’s symbolic bald eagles along open waterways and lakes throughout Missouri.

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Spirit West Rapid Refinish, established in 2011, was formed to focus on providing quality service for customers who are paying out of pocket for automobile repairs and streamline the workflow volume.

We take great pride with teamwork and our commitment to making sure our team receives training on the latest innovative state-of-the-art equipment and collision repair techniques.

We are proud to say our team is family, and we treat our customers like family too. Whether you need minor collision repair services, bumper repair or vehicle paint, give us a call today to see how we can restore your vehicle to its original factory finish.




Spirit West Motor Carriage, founded in 1977, is a full-service auto body repair shop serving the St. Louis and surrounding Metro area. For nearly four decades, our family-owned business and our experienced staff have been providing quality auto collision repair, mechanical, paintless dent repair (PDR), complete paint refinishing, and wheel and framing alignment services.