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Driving in Snow

Fall into Winter with a Clean Car!

Winter months are just ahead and have the potential to wreak havoc on the condition of your vehicle, especially in our community where we face the damaging effects of snow, sleet and salt. If you get your vehicle detailed in the fall you can offer significant protection against the harsh elements throughout St. Louis.

Paint and Finish
Not only does your vehicles paint and finish speak volumes about you, it also its most delicate surface. The first step to an amazing detail job is to have your car thoroughly washed with non-abrasive detergents designed for automobiles. Cleaning helps remove debris that can scratch your vehicle’s finish, and because salt and gravel are more prevalent on the roads in winter, it is important to continue exterior cleaning of your vehicle throughout the winter months.

Once your vehicle’s exterior is clean it is optimal to apply a high-quality paint sealant to protect its finish. Typically paint sealants will provide protection for up to six months..

Safeguarding Your Interior
Detailing the interior of your vehicle in preparation for winter is also necessary, particularly if your car has leather seats. Winter brings with it a lack of humidity, and colder temperatures that can lead to your leather seats drying out. It is best to condition the leather components of your interior to prevent premature aging and cracking.

Getting in and out of your vehicle is sure to cause damage to your carpets and floor mats. This means for much of the winter, the mats and sections of the carpet are going to be wet. For added protection, we recommend removing your fabric mats in the fall and replacing them with all-weather mats.

Tire Protection
Your tires come into the closest contact with the salt and other chemicals on the road in winter. High-quality tire polish applied at the beginning of fall and reapplied often after washes, will ensure that your tires both look good and are protected from the winter elements.

Detailing your car in the fall will give you peace of mind that your vehicle makes it through the harsh season ahead in top condition.

If you are in need of complete detailing services, or been involved in an auto collision and need repair service, contact Spirit West Rapid Refinish at 636.386.8060 Monday through Friday between 9am-5pm, closed 12pm-1pm or stop by our convenient location.




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