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Fixing scratches on your car

Do you have a nagging scratch along the side of your vehicle? You may think you have to be a repair professional fix scratches on your car paint. Not in all cases do you need to take your car to a repair shop for the scratch; all you need is a little elbow grease and a scratch removal kit. But your vehicle’s paint finish does more than keep your vehicle looking nice; it can also protect the car from future corrosion. By leaving a scratch untreated, rust will develop along the scratch line. Once this occurs, the rust can spread beyond the scratch and cause even more damage. Below we will also detail when it is a good idea to get the help from the professionals at Spirit West Rapid Refinish.

Minor car scratches

Minor car scratches won’t expose your car’s metal or primer, meaning it is most likely just a clearcoat scratch. If you lightly drag your fingernail across the scratch and it does not catch in the scratch, these clearcoat scratches may be able to be polished out with a quality cleaner wax or three-part process – compound, wax, and glaze – without having to repaint the vehicle.

Repairing car scratches like this is fairly easy using even gentle pressure. If you have access to a dual-action polisher, you may be able to perform this process even more quickly, but keep in mind that paint is thin along body style lines and edges. You can easily burn through the paint and make it look worse, so be sure to protect these areas with masking tape before beginning the scratch-removal process. If you have any doubts about your ability to do this, though, give us a call.

Major/deep car scratches

For major/deep car scratches that extend down into the primer layer or the bare metal, consider taking your vehicle to Spirit West Rapid Refinish. To fix these deep scratches and make an invisible repair, the scratch will need to be filled, repainted with a new color and clear coat, and then polished to a showroom shine.

Finding and using car scratch repair kits

Are you looking for a repair kit from the parts store? We know there are a ton of them available to you. They usually include abrasives, such as various grits of sandpaper, and a buffing cloth or buffing/polishing attachment for a drill. Some kits also contain special applicators, polishing cloths, and an aerosol can of clear coat. As with most products, you often get what you pay for, so factor your expectations. A cheap repair kit may leave behind amateur results that look even worse than the damage you sought to repair, and the results may be temporary, requiring at least some of the steps to be repeated after a number of car washes.

In any case, if you’d like to give it a try, follow the directions that come with your repair kit. Click here for our favorite repair kit.

A few steps/tips to fix scratches on your vehicle:

  • Wash your vehicle thoroughly and dry it well.
  • Apply a small amount of scratch remover onto an applicator pad.
  • Rub scratch remover into the scratched area, gently and slowly working it into the scratched area.
  • Buff the area with a clean dry microfiber cloth.
  • Finally, polish the area with a wax spray to restore your vehicle’s luster.

Knowing how to fix scratches yourself can save you money, but in some cases, you may have to use a repair shop to fix those nasty scratches. Choosing the right repair kit is important, but always err on the side of caution when repairing scratches. Rushing the process usually results in less-than-satisfactory results, or even additional damage. If you are uncomfortable fixing that scratch or strive for perfection, choose a professional repair shop such as Spirit West Rapid Refinish.

About Spirit West Rapid Refinish

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