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Fuel Efficient Tips for Road Trips

Whether it is a trip to see your family and friends or the perfect vacation getaway, road trips are very popular this time of year. With a wide expanse of the country accessible by car, your destination options are endless. The only downside to driving to all these places is your vehicle can require a large amount of fuel to reach your destinations. You may be able to expand your gas range a bit longer with the tips below.

Shed Some of the Load:

Although suitcases and gear are an essential part of a road trip, shedding any extra weight can help increase your fuel efficiency. According to the U.S Department of Energy, 100 pounds of extra weight can reduce your MPG by 1%. Careful packing and shedding unnecessary items can help you save money on gas.

Check Your Tires:

Maintaining the correct pressure in your tires is not only safe; it will help you save fuel. Underinflated tires can negatively affect your fuel economy. Before your trip, make sure your tires are at the manufacturer’s recommended PSI, which is usually found in the owner’s manual or a placard on the door post, visible with the door open.

Watch your Speed:

Every vehicle reaches optimal fuel efficiency at a different speed. In most cases, gas mileage decreases after 50mph. Sticking to the speed limit can save your fuel while you take the time to enjoy the sight along your route.

Compare Gas Prices:

Checking gas prices before you pull up to the pump can help you find the best fuel price. With a little internet research on your phone, such as at (there is also an app available,) you can plan ahead and save a ton on fuel.

Do not Overfill the Tank:

When fueling up, you may feel the urge to keep clicking the nozzle at the gas pump until you get every drop possible. In reality, that fuel in an overfilled tank can seep out. When the automatic nozzle clicks, stop pumping. When you stop overfilling your tank and seal it properly, you will maximize fuel efficiency while reducing carbon emissions.

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