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How to Keep Your Collector Car Ready to Go!

If you have a collector car, a little time invested today will pay off when spring cruising weather returns, allowing you to spend just a little more time than it takes to pull the cover and bring it back to life with a twist of the key.

Take care of deferred maintenance now

If you have a carbureted old car that is seldom driven, there may be additional combustion byproducts and fuel vapors in the crankcase. These can settle in the pan over winter, potentially rusting the pan and corroding internal engine parts. So give it a fresh oil change with your favorite oil. It’s not needed nor desirable to start the vehicle and move it if it’s going to be stored only a few months, as it’s unlikely you will get it up to proper operating temperature during that time. You can actually cause more harm than good when you create corrosion-causing water vapor throughout the engine and exhaust system that has no chance to “burn off” because the engine never gets up to the proper temperature.

Check the condition of your brake fluid

Brake fluid, although it operates in a closed system, absorbs moisture over time. If it’s been a few years, consider changing the fluid, especially if it’s discolored and not a light amber or clear color. Dip strips are also available to check the presence of copper in the fluid, which indicates some corrosion has already occurred and the fluid needs to be changed.

Antifreeze/coolant should be checked for more than freeze point

Antifreeze/coolant should be checked for proper strength to protect against freezing and corrosion, which can be a particular concern with dissimilar metals in a collector car, such as aluminum radiators, a cast iron block and water pump, and a steel impeller in the water pump. A leaky radiator’s joints will often be the first victim. The freeze point can be checked with one of several types of antifreeze testers. These use either floating balls or a swinging lever to indicate the specific gravity of the antifreeze/coolant. Most modern antifreeze/coolants protect for at least five years, so if it has not been changed in that time, consider changing it to protect against corrosion.

Don’t forget about the fuel in your tank and the little bare metal parts

Many hot rod and collector car shops recommend storing a vehicle with only ethanol-free fuel, and adding a fuel stabilizer, such as from Startron or Sta-Bil. And wipe down any bare metal parts with a light oil product such as WD-40 or NAPA Wet Graphite Film Lubricant to protect them from rusting.

Maintain your battery

            Nothing ruins a bright spring day quite like hearing the dreaded rapid “click, click, click” of a near-dead battery. The best way to avoid this is to connect a battery “maintainer,” which is a slow, low-amperage battery charger designed to stay connected. (Regular battery chargers, even trickle chargers, can quickly overcharge a battery.) Now keep in mind that if you have a newer technology AGM or gel battery, a maintainer designed for that technology is recommended for the best performance and longest life.

If you follow these tips, the drive you’ve been eagerly awaiting to take when that first beautiful spring weekend comes will likely be a trouble-free task.

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