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How to Make the Most Out of Your Test Drive

How to Make the Most Out of Your Test Drive

When you buy something new, you usually want to try it out first, and the same should go when it comes to buying a car. Don’t be tempted to skip a test drive just because experts give the vehicle a high rating. The primary purpose of a test drive is to make sure the car fits you personally, and the only one who can make that determination is you.

1. Understand test driving policies

Before taking the wheel, make sure you understand the parameters of that dealership’s test-driving policy. In some cases, a dealership’s insurance policy may require that a salesperson or dealership employee ride with you during your test drive. If you are allowed to test drive a vehicle alone, ask a dealer if its insurance policy covers accidents that happen when a customer tests one of its cars.

2. Call ahead if you’re shopping for a used vehicle

When you arrive to meet that prospective “new-to-you” ride for the first time, you’ll want a few things to be set up for you. First, ask the seller to ensure the engine is stone-cold and hasn’t been pre-warmed ahead of your arrival. This may mean coordinating a time to see the vehicle when it’s been parked for an hour or two. Sometimes, sellers will pre-warm a vehicle’s engine to conceal a sound or issue that’s more apparent at startup – including visible smoke from the tailpipes or an unwanted rattle or knock when the engine is cold. Accurately checking oil levels may require the engine to be cold as well, but still check the instructions in the owner’s manual of the specific vehicle you’re considering to be sure.

3. Ask for help

Before driving an unfamiliar car, ask the car salesperson to explain how it’s operated. Ask where the turn signals are and anything unusual about how the car’s transmission or shifter work. If you’re interested in a car’s navigation system, radio, stereo, or how to use a car’s convertible top, ask for a demonstration before your test drive.

4. Mimic your regular driving activity

If you are unfamiliar with driving a car with a manual transmission (a stick shift), do not attempt to learn while taking your test drive. Drive on roads that mimic your regular driving activity. For example, if you have a long commute on an interstate highway every day, it would probably be a good idea to test-drive potential vehicles on a nearby stretch of the interstate. Drive a route that will allow you to experience how the car handles speeds, stop and go traffic, inclines, declines, and bumpy roads.

5. Pay attention to the details

There are a number of crucial things that you should pay attention to when test driving a vehicle. How smoothly the car accelerates, how easy it is to steer the vehicle, how the car handles bumps or stretches of rough road, visibility, and comfort.

Having a plan as you shop for a new (or “new-to-you”) ride will help ensure you end up with a vehicle you’ll enjoy driving in the years to come.


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