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Importance of OEM Certifications

Spirit West Rapid Refinish maintains two prestigious original equipment manufacturer (OEM) certifications with BMW and Volvo.  These certifications are available only to select auto body repair shops in a designated metropolitan area.  Spirit West Rapid Refinish is also designated Gold Class® by I-CAR, a not-for-profit training organization founded by the collision repair industry and dedicated to consumer safety.  Keep reading to learn about the importance of certifications as you search for bumper repair service, minor collision repair service, and paint repair service in the St. Louis area.

Spirit West Rapid Refinish is a BMW Certified Collision Repair Center

This certification for BMW, The Ultimate Driving Machine®, means that our collision repair shop in Ballwin, Mo., in the words of the automaker, meets the rigorous BMW standards or training, parts, equipment and repair procedures, using only OEM parts.  This designation, previously only open to BMW dealerships, opened in 2018 to select independent repair centers. BMW modified its program to meet increased demand, as the number of BMW vehicles on the road – many over ten years old –continues to grow.

Each of our technicians receives more than 120 hours of BMW vehicle-specific training and uses tools, methods, procedures, and data from vehicle blueprints for pinpoint accuracy.  The result is subtle but exacting; our techniques and methods, approved by BMW engineers, allow our technicians to achieve body tolerances of 1 millimeter or less.  This tolerance is far more precise than the industry standard.  For BMW Certified minor repair services, bumper repair services, and paint repair services, in the St. Louis area, you can count on Spirit West Rapid Refinish.  (, 2019)

Spirit West Rapid Refinish is a Volvo Certified Collision Repair Center

This certification for Volvo, an elite distinction, ensures Volvo owners that their repairs are completed by technicians trained in the methods and procedures set forth by Volvo. Only a Volvo certified repair shop will have access to the complete catalog of Volvo OEM parts, since the automaker began restricting access to a variety of parts in early 2019. (, 2019)

Volvo OEM parts are a vital component for Volvo certified minor repair services.  For example, “a windshield is not just a windshield,” according to Volvo.  Not all windshields are manufactured to Volvo’s exacting standards.  A windshield is a critical structural component of your vehicle and crucial for the function of the safety systems unique to Volvo.  If you find yourself in need of Volvo certified minor collision repair services, bumper repair service, or paint repair service in the Manchester, Mo. area, Spirit West Rapid Refinish will expertly take care of your needs.  (, 2019)

Spirit West Rapid Refinish is a Gold Class® Shop, Certified by I-CAR

Spirit West Rapid Refinish is also designated Gold Class® by I-CAR, a not-for-profit training organization founded by the collision repair industry and dedicated to consumer safety. Gold Class® award criteria are rigorous; only 20% of collision repair shops currently have met the criteria.  Vehicle technology continues to advance, offering new complexities and challenges related to functional components, parts, and materials.  Escalating complexity requires highly trained specialists prepared to meet present and future challenges.  Spirit West Rapid Repair meets the stringent program criteria.  When you see the Gold Class® logo, you can be confident in your choice of collision repair shop in Manchester, Mo. It means a business has met the industry’s standard for training that contributes to complete, safe, and quality repairs.

What Gold Class® Means for Spirit West Rapid Refinish Customers:

Spirit West Motor Carriage is the leading Gold Class® collision repair shop in the St. Louis area.  This designation ensures that your work will be completed by technicians highly trained in advanced methods and practices for bumper repair service, paint repair service and minor collision repair service in Ballwin, Mo.  All Gold Class® technicians must complete continuing education on an annual basis to maintain the Platinum® individual designation.  Collision repair technicians face many unique challenges.  You can place your trust in Spirit West Rapid Refinish, the premier Gold Class® collision repair service provider in the St. Louis area.

About Spirit West Rapid Refinish

Spirit West Rapid Refinish, established in 2011, was formed to focus on providing quality service for customers who are paying out of pocket for automobile repairs and streamline the workflow volume. We take great pride with teamwork and our commitment to making sure our team receives training on the latest innovative state-of-the-art equipment and collision repair techniques. We are proud to say our team is family, and we treat our customers like family, too. Whether you need minor collision repair services, bumper repair or vehicle paint, give us a call today to see how we can restore your vehicle to its original factory finish.




Spirit West Motor Carriage, founded in 1977, is a full-service auto body repair shop serving the St. Louis and surrounding Metro area. For nearly four decades, our family-owned business and our experienced staff have been providing quality auto collision repair, mechanical, paintless dent repair (PDR), complete paint refinishing, and wheel and framing alignment services.