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Proper Vehicle Storage

Have you driven your vehicles much this summer? Have you been letting it sit outside in the heat as the temperatures rise? With a good majority of the country still not fully open and “social distancing” appearing to be the new normal for the foreseeable future, most Missouri residents are not driving much these days. Whether you are doing your part to “bend the curve” or simply have nowhere to go, more than-than-likely you have not been using your vehicle much. Vehilces are highly susceptible to myriad of environmental threats causing premature wear-and-tear when parked for extended periods. Below we take a closer look at proper vehicle storage.

Fill the Gas Tank

Topping off your vehicle’s gas tank is essential to proper vehicle storage. Over time condensation can form inside the vacant space within your vehicle’s gas tank, leading to corrosion. Keeping your tank full also prevents the fuel system’s seals from drying out. If you are going to have your vehicle parked for 30 or more days it is suggested you add a stabilizer additive to prevent fuel degradation as well.

Maintain a Fully Charged Battery

The battery in any vehicle will slowly lose its charge the longer it stays parked and out of commission. Driving to the grocery store weekly is the best way to charge your vehicles battery if you are not driving it regularly. If driving is not an option, starting your vehicle once a week and letting your engine idle for 15 minutes is the next best choice. If those two options are not available, disconnecting the black, negative cable on your vehicle’s battery works as well.


The best storage for any vehicle is a garage. If you do not have access to a garage or are out of space, you should obtain a weatherproof automotive cover. Owners of late model, luxury, classic vehicles will want to consider renting out a storage unit if a garage is not available.

Auto Insurance

Depending on the length of your storage time frame, you may consider reducing your auto insurance premiums. Auto insurance companies will work with you on reduced rates to save you some money if you are in need of storing your vehicle for any amounts of time.

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