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Reasons to Visit the Car Wash

The truth is, you need to take care of your vehicle to ensure your vehicle takes care of you. It is not just about oil changes or routine shop visits; the occasional run through the car wash is one basic form of car care that is often overlooked. Here are a few reasons you should regularly visit the car wash.

Protecting the Paint Job with a Car Wash

Your vehicle comes into contact with debris while driving things like dirt, bugs, bird droppings, salt, and grime. If left untreated, this debris could eat away at your cars paint and finish, damaging the metal beneath. A run through the wash will help eliminate these deposits. When you can see dirt on your car, it is time for a wash.

Personal Pride and Well-Being

Much like your home, you feel better when your vehicle is clean and spotless, rather than coated in a layer of dirt. While your home occasionally becomes a bit messy, you still regularly clean the bathrooms and wipe down the counters, right? The same idea should be applied to your vehicles. It is your largest accessory, and a regular car wash will keep it looking the best.

Maintain Resale Value

Regular car washes will help maintain appearance and overall resale value. Sure, you love your vehicle, but a day may come when you are in the market for a new one, a regular car wash is an inexpensive way to keep your looking great, maintaining its resale value.

Quick, Efficient, Easy

There is no denying that a quick run through a car wash is extremely convenient. For the price of ten to fifteen dollars and around ten minutes of your time you can fit a car wash into even the busiest of schedules. It is a simple form of preventative maintenance that will ensure your car is protected and in good physical condition.

Not all car wash companies offer the same equipment, and the quality of equipment and upkeep of that equipment will vary by company. You should do research on your car wash company before running your vehicle through the wash

We recommend using only brushless car washes, not the one shown in our photo. The problem with brushes is they can mar your car’s finish, especially if the brushes have dirt and grime on them from a previous particularly dirty vehicle. If you notice any swirl marks or other fine scratches, we can likely buff them so your car can look like new with a process called “paint correction.”

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