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Rust Spots

You may find yourself ask asking the question, “Should I get those small rust spots on my vehicle fixed?” You may have had your vehicle for years and because it runs great, you were planning to hang onto it for the foreseeable future. But after another cold and snowy winter, you noticed some small rust spots when you took it through the car wash this spring or early summer. What should you do? Any noticeable rust on your vehicle is most likely an indication of more serious problems beneath the surface. We have laid out why getting those area repaired promptly.

Why Do Vehicles Rust?

Older vehicles are more prone to show rust spots, especially when they are exposed to road salt (either in rock salt or liquid brine form) or snow / ice in cold-weather climates. Over time, chemicals, dirt, and road salt all cause the top layers of your paint to weaken. Unrepaired scratches and dents can also be prone to rust formation, even with newer vehicles. Once bare metal is exposed to water, iron, and air, it begins to corrode due to a chemical reaction called oxidation. Saltwater can vehemently speed up the process of oxidation. Once the oxidation process begins and rust begins to spread, it not only looks bad; it also lowers the value of the vehicle and can start corroding structural components and body panels.

Small Rust Repairs

Small rust repairs work well when the damage is small, and the corrosion has not had a chance to spread or penetrate throughout the metal.

Large Rust Repairs

If the rust has penetrated a larger or deeper area, more extensive bodywork is needed. Large-scale rust repairs, as shown in the photo, become necessary when the metal has started to corrode completely through, which will weaken the reliability or support structures, and sometimes enough that they may not be able to withstand a subsequent collision.

How Do I Protect my Vehicle from Rust?

In addition to the body, the undercarriage of your vehicle is also vulnerable to rust, including the exhaust system, floorboards and chassis:

  • Take your car frequently to a touchless car wash that also washes the undercarriage and especially when your vehicle has been exposed to road salt.
  • Hand-wax your vehicle every 6-8 months with a high-quality wax.
  • Detail your vehicle yearly.
  • Get any deep scratches or noticeable dents repaired promptly.

About Spirit West Rapid Refinish

Spirit West Rapid Refinish, established in 2011, was formed to focus on providing quality service for customers who are paying out of pocket for automobile repairs and streamline the workflow volume. We take great pride with teamwork and our commitment to making sure our team receives training on the latest innovative state-of-the-art equipment and collision repair techniques. We are proud to say our team is family and we treat our customers like family too. Whether you need minor collision repair services, bumper repair or vehicle paint, give us a call today to see how we can restore your vehicle to its original factory finish.




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