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Safety Tips For the Garage and Your Vehicle

The garage can be one of the more hazardous areas of your home, but these basic safety tips for the garage can be the difference in causing damage to your vehicle and not. Depending on lifestyle and preference, the garage can be utilized for several purposes apart from storing your vehicle. Garages can be active spaces, often containing a host of substances, such as oils, lubricants, paint, cans, chemicals, and tools. Below, we have developed a list of safety tips to keep you and your vehicle safe in your garage area.

Improve your Garage Lighting:

It is essential to improve the lighting in your garage; most garages rely on a flickering fluorescent light or a few incandescent bulbs to illuminate the entire space. Improving the functionality of your garage can be done simply by upgrading the lighting. Install LED light fixtures for a more uniform lighting experience and better efficiency. With better lighting, you will even realize working with tools or finding a specific item will become easier!

Chemical Clutter:

In some cases, people use their garage as a storage room, where they will store fluids such as paints, lubricants, fuel, and more. Avoid storing these products haphazardly. It is important to store these in a high space unreachable by children, and be sure they are labeled and sealed in their containers. Make sure that wherever you store the chemicals that they cannot be tipped over and dropped on your walkway or your vehicles. Wall or floor cabinets are a great way to keep the containers neat and from tipping over.

Control Garage Clutter:

You may know someone that, when they open his or her garage, there are things cluttered everywhere. Clutter in the garage makes it hard to find items and also prevents you from properly parking your vehicles in the garage. If the clutter is up high in the garage, you run the possibility of dropping objects onto yourself or your vehicle.

Keep Away Sharp Tools:

In addition to ensuring the safety of your garage, ensure all of your tools are safely stored. After a long day of working on your vehicle, you might be tempted to leave your tools out in the open, especially if you have pending work on your car. But if they are left lying around carelessly, tools with sharp edges become a garage safety hazard to you, your guests, and your vehicles.  And you’ll likely find you’ll be able to find them much more quickly the next time you need them!

These tips can help you protect yourself and your vehicle when parked in your garage.

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