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Spotlight on Headlights

Fall is here and with it, deer become more active and are more likely to make their way onto roadways.  As the days become shorter, your vehicle’s headlights are more important than ever.  Approximately half of all fatal crashes in the US occur at night making properly maintained headlights extremely important.  Keep reading on for tips for proper headlight maintenance and headlight restoration service in the St. Louis area.

Headlight Technology

Like many other vehicle components and systems, headlight technology has advanced in recent years.  Traditional halogen light bulbs used in headlights have transitioned, in newer vehicle models, to high-intensity discharge and LED lighting systems.  Additionally, some automakers offer optional headlight upgrade packages including features like curve-adaptive headlights and high beam headlights that come on automatically.

Headlight Maintenance

Bulb replacement – Over the life of a headlight, the bulbs will begin to dim which can lead to reduced and even poor night vision while driving.  Routinely replace the bulbs and remember to always do so in pairs.  Replacing only one bulb can result in uneven illumination and interfere with driving.

Headlight Adjustment – If your headlights still seem to provide inadequate light after bulb replacement, consider adjusting the positioning of the lights.  Many vehicles allow for easy vertical adjustment.  If further adjustments are necessary, consult a professional such as Spirit West Rapid Refinish, the premier choice for headlight restoration in the St. Louis area.

Headlight Restoration

The average age of vehicles on the road has risen to 11 years and as a vehicle ages, headlights can become foggy.  This fogginess can cause a reduction in illumination that bulb replacement and adjustment alone cannot remedy.  Spirit West Rapid Refinish has the answer and can bring new life to your existing headlights without lens replacement or complete unit replacement by using specialized chemicals, tools, and buffers.

For your headlight restoration service, paint repair service and minor collision repair service in the St. Louis area, contact Spirit West Rapid Refinish at 636-386-8060 Monday through Friday between 9:00am – 5:00pm or stop by our convenient location at 14643 Manchester Rd, Manchester, MO 63011.




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