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Spring Car Care Tips

Winter’s tale is coming to an end and it is time to take stock of the damage your vehicle may have endured throughout this seasons harsh weather. Snow, ice, salt, dirt and other elements can be destructive to your vehicle. Take a moment to review the following tips to assist you in getting your vehicle ready for spring.

Wash Your Car
While this may seem obvious, cold temperatures can make it difficult to wash your vehicle. It is imperative to remove road salt, grit, and grime as all of that stuff will damage your car’s finish over the long haul.

It is not a bad time of year to have you vehicle detailed. That means paying a little extra to get it deep cleaned, inside and out. You won’t regret it. Jump into Spring with the feeling of a brand new vehicle.

If you choose to do it yourself, take additional time to make sure the lower section of the vehicle is especially clean and apply a coat of wax.

Inspect and Change Your Wiper Blades
Winter wreaks havoc on wiper blades. But they still have to work when spring rains arrive.

Replacing your wiper blades typically costs around $40. They’re easy to install yourself, but you can also visit your dealership or a local auto zone for assistance.

Stock Up on Wiper Fluid
Everybody uses more wiper fluid in winter than in spring and summer. After all, it is imperative to see while you are driving through a wintery mix. Check your wiper fluid levels and top of as needed.

Check Your Oil
Due to the operational demands of winter on engines, the arrival of spring is a good excuse to check this essential lubricant.

If you’re running low, top off and head over to a quick-change location to have the oil changed and the filter replaced.

If you choose to change your own oil, be sure to follow the proper procedures when disposing your old oil.

Clean Your Floor Mats
If you opted for all weather floor mats, this should be an easy one. Clean all dirt and debris from your rubber mats.

It’s easy to ignore the buildup of filth when winter is in full swing, but springtime is the right time to yank those mats and give them a good scrub down. If need be, replace them with a new set.

Inflate Your Tires
Odds are you will be low when it comes to tire pressure. Winter brings chilly air and along with it comes a decrease in your tire pressure.

It’s also the time to evaluate the condition of your tires and, if you’ve been using snow tires, swap them for your regular set of tire treads. This will help with gas mileage as well.

You should be looking for cracks, degraded tread, and anything that might lead to a blowout on the road. Better to be prepared ahead of time.

Check Your Battery
Knowing the condition of your car battery matters when you want to maximize its life. Ensure the battery is working efficiently with a battery voltage test. Also, battery terminals corrode over time, but keeping them clean from buildup is a great way to extend the life of your car battery. Spring is a great time to check cables and connections for signs of corrosion and loose connections. If your car battery is more than 5 years old, odds are replacing your battery is just around the corner.

If you are like most, springtime brings much joy! Leave the winter behind and have peace of mind on the road knowing that your vehicle is spring ready.

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