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Vehicle Care Tips For the Fall Season

As August dwindles down in comes the Fall season, a great time of year. Fall season vehicle care can get your vehicle in top running condition as school restarts and family fun before the cold weather arrives. Winter often requires vehicle owners to schedule certain season maintenance like a new battery or even new tires that are for “all-season.” Here are a few tips for you during the fall season.

Interior Cleaning:

At least once every couple of months you should set aside a day, for deep cleaning your vehicle’s interior. You can remove your seats yourself or leave it to the professional vehicle cleaning businesses. Scrub the floor mats, vacuum the seats and the carpet, clean all debris or crumbs and try not to overlook the trunk. Driving in a clean car can improve your mood.

Exterior Polishing:

Get a thorough car scrub from a professional car wash company. Make sure to include the under body and the tires, which are easy to miss. Consider a protective wax coating for the finish and to guard against harsh weather elements and bird droppings, bird droppings can eat at the paint of your vehicle.


If you have been holding off repairs during the year, you should consider getting those repairs done before it gets too cold outside. In cold temperatures and freezing precipitation, it can be more difficult to get someone to repair your vehicle. If you are repairing the vehicle yourself it is much easier and comfortable during warmer weather.

Standard Maintenance:

In addition to addressing your vehicle’s damage or need for repairs, schedule your vehicle’s routine maintenance. You may want to rotate your tires, replace all your filters, get your oil changed, or even a brake inspection. These regular bits of maintenance should have a set schedule to prolong the life of your vehicle.

Spending a little time and money on your vehicle will extend the life of the vehicle and create for a better driving experience all around.

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