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What Causes Paint to Peel?

“Why is my paint peeling?” This is a very common question we are asked by our customers. Paint jobs and paint materials can be very expensive, so it is no surprise you would want to make sure it lasts as long as possible. But in order to extend the life of your paint finish, you must understand how and why paint peels or fails over time. We have put together our top-three reasons why auto paint tends to peel on your vehicles.

  1. Poor-quality Products – The quality of paint and clear coats is important on your vehicle. Poor-quality paints and clearcoats can tend to fail in short time. These coatings fail quickly from UV exposure and will start to weather and peel over time. If your vehicle has been resprayed with poor-quality products, you can expect they will not last long through UV exposure and changes in weather.
  2. Contaminants Under the Paint – Painting a vehicle should be a delicate and careful process and everything needs to be kept as clean as possible, from bare metal to the clearcoat. Proper care must be taken to remove silicone, wax, or grease to prevent any paint adhesion problems. Preexisting rust on bare metal can also spread and lift the paint.
  3. Exterior Damage – Accidents happen. Even something as small as a rock chip can grow and lift and peel the paint. If you have a crack, chip, or damage to your paint, it is a good practice to seal it up with touch up paint or clearcoat to keep the damage from spreading. Be careful not to aim a wand from a power washer or high-pressure car wash at the edge of the chip, as it can be easy to blow off paint that is otherwise properly adhered. The sooner you seal the damage, the better off your vehicle is and the longer your paint job will last.

Though these are not the only reasons your paint may be peeling or chipping, these are some of the most common reasons we see from our customers. Choose a repair shop such as Spirit West Rapid Refinish that uses quality refinish products, such as PPG waterborne paint, and one that does not cut corners during the paint and repair process.

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